Start by marking “Candy Licker” as Want to Read: Noire is an author from the streets of New York whose hip-hop erotic stories pulsate with urban flavor. She is the #1 Essence bestselling author of G-Spot, Candy Licker, Baby Brother, and Thug-A-Licious, and the editor-in-chief of. Candy Licker: An Urban Erotic Tale and millions of other books are available for instant access. . Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. If there was ever any doubt that pulp was alive and . The title the Candy Licker bares no connectivity to the heart of the book other than the main character's name is Candy. On the story level,it took .

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    Candy Licker Book

    If there was ever any doubt that pulp was alive and thriving, Noire's highly sexy, highly vivid G-Spot dispelled it. This follow-up delivers. She wanted to be a hip-hop star but the streets got in the way. Have you ever laid down with a man and wasn't sure if you'd ever get back. download a cheap copy of Candy Licker: An Urban Erotic Tale book by Noire. SHE WANTED TO BE A HIP-HOP STAR BUT THE STREETS GOT IN THE WAY.

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    But Cane knows something's up, and Candy's life is more and more in the balance as Knowledge schemes to find a way for them to make a life together. Candy's first person and Knowledge's third begin to alternate chapters: The cast of bling and trash extras are well-done and well-named.

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    The most direct means to Candy's heart provides the novel's title. This book was amazing from start to finish. It told a deep, graphic story that most could relate to in more ways than one. The emotions of the book make you feel like you are apart of the story itself. Equally as dramatic and challenging as it is erotic and sensual.

    Candy Licker

    I definitely recommend it to those who love a graphic hood story with some kinkiness. This book is beyond amazing. I felt the pain the emotion the hurt the love in it.

    This is still my favorite book. Customer Reviews See All.

    More Books by Noire See All. G-Spot 2. Thong on Fire. Only one of them had kids so why'd they stay?

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    The violence against women was just too much for me. I felt sick after reading this.

    This novel left me with so many qu I thought this was going to be an erotic novel. This novel left me with so many questions: Why did the "man" set up Percy"Knowledge" Jackson? Why did they frame him? Who would want to do something like that to him?

    Was it because he was black and brilliant they had to frame him???? Why would a 15 year old boy need to get circumcised?


    That made no sense whatsoever! Based on this book I don't think I'd be interested in reading any more of this author's work.

    When she thinks her life is about to go from bad to even worse she bumps heads with one of the hottest rappers on the planet, Junius "Hurricane" Jackson. Candy finally can live her fairytale, so she thinks.

    Going from dead broke to having everything anyone could ever want; she lacks what her heart truly desires.

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