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    To help Kiba keep track of opponents, Akamaru uses scent marking , though in battle he relies on Kiba to provide the chakra for the combination attacks they execute, which requires Akamaru to transform into a clone of Kiba.

    During a battle, Shino directs his bugs towards an opponent, boxing them in without their knowledge and absorbing their chakra once they have been surrounded. Shino's merciless tendencies, in regards to opponents as well as his attachment to and collection of insects,[ ch. The fathers of the three team members Choji Akimichi , Shikamaru Nara , and Ino Yamanaka were also on a team together, and both generations refer to their team using the moniker "Ino-Shika-Cho.

    Creator Kishimoto has noted that he "likes" Shikamaru due to his easygoing nature despite being a genius, and contrasted him against Sasuke Uchiha's intelligent but abrasive personality. However, his laziness frequently prevents him from effectively utilizing his intelligence. Despite thinking of Naruto a bit poorly and often getting annoyed by him, he is one of the few people to have acknowledged him as a person rather than the tailed beast in childhood, remaining one of Naruto's close friends since then.

    Though his habit of always eating gives him a relatively portly appearance, Choji insists he is not fat, instead using explanations like being "big-boned". If someone refers to him as fat, Choji instantly becomes hostile and increases his resolve to battle,[ ch. Shikamaru Nara has never found an issue with Choji's weight, instead choosing to look upon Choji's inner strength. Because of this, Choji regards him as his best friend, stating he would willingly give his life to defend Shikamaru.

    She is a childhood friend of Sakura Haruno, helping her to develop her own identity.

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    When they discovered that they both liked Sasuke Uchiha, their friendship was ended. Ino can transfer her consciousness to her target's mind, gaining control over their body which she can then use to attack others. She can also perform telepathy by connecting minds of People, and in addition, she is a Sensory ninja, able to detect chakra around her.

    In battle, Asuma wields trench knives that he can infuse with his wind nature chakra to extend the blades' length and sharpness. Though Asuma eventually returned, gaining the resolve to protect Konoha's next generation from his experiences outside his home, he never completely reconciled with his father by the time of Hiruzen's death.

    During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Asuma is brought back with the Reanimation Jutsu to fight for Kabuto before being defeated by his students and sealed until his soul is allowed to return to the afterlife. The members of Team Guy primarily concentrate on physical attacks and weapons. They are a year older than the other members of Konohagakure's teams, as Guy wanted to wait a year before they could take the test to advance in ninja rank and become Chunin.

    In the ninja academy, Rock Lee was unable to use ninjutsu or genjutsu techniques, but his persistence impressed Guy. Guy spends much of his free time training with Lee to help him accomplish his dream of becoming a respected ninja by using only taijutsu.

    Lee has adopted several of Guy's habits because of this, such as his wardrobe and his perseverance. Because some of these techniques, such as the ability to open the eight chakra gates , can pose a severe risk to Lee's body, he is only permitted to use them to protect something or someone dear to him.

    Though a member of the branch house, Neji displays his title as a prodigy of the Hyuga throughout the series as a master of his clan's Gentle Fist style of combat that he taught to himself. Since then, Neji abandons his belief in determinism and resolves to get strong enough to never lose a battle and change the fates of his loved ones. Following the war's conclusion, a memorial is held in Neji's honor. Years after the war, Naruto pays tribute to Neji by naming his son Boruto whose names means "bolt" while Neji's name means "screw".


    In battle, Tenten specializes in weaponry, ranging from projectiles to close-combat weapons and even explosives by the second part of the series. During a fight, she uses the hundreds of weapons stored in scrolls she carries with her to bombard opponents with pinpoint accuracy.

    Tenten uses this expertise to help Neji Hyuga train his defensive techniques, and she holds him in high regard since he can always block her attacks. For the Japanese actor nicknamed "Maitogai", see Akira Kobayashi.

    Throughout the series, Kakashi has never displayed a particular interest in their rivalry, which only further motivates Guy to defeat Kakashi and his "coolness". Though Naruto uses the power of the Sage of Six Paths to save his life, Guy's right leg was too damaged to be fully healed.

    Though he is not wavered from his shinobi career, he remains in a paraplegic state by the events of the epilogue. Because of their interactions with Naruto Uzumaki, and learning their father was murdered by their supposed ally Orochimaru, the Sand Siblings return as allies of Konohagakure, aiding Naruto's group in their attempts to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha from Orochimaru's forces.

    Kishimoto changed their costumes for their return due to the difficulty in drawing their original attire, as well as to symbolize their new friendship with Konohagakure. Naruto chapter pdf Apr 23, Read the topic about Naruto Chapter Discussion on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more!

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    ForneverWorld , views naruto chapter pdf Use megathreads for 24 hours after new chapterepisode. No gif or image posts relating to the events of the latest release episode or chapter for 24 hours after it airs. Here they are on a Google Drive for download! Reacting to Madara's attack, Obito transports Sakura out of the other dimension to safety where she informs them of Obito's request and Madara's appearance while tending to Kakashi, who had just lost his Sharingan.

    Naruto Sasuke's Rinnegan!

    Naruto chapter 674 pdf

    Naruto disqualifies his son during the final phase of Chunin Exams for cheating. Naruto is abducted by Kaguya's descendants, Momoshiki and Kinshiki, and then saved by his son Boruto, Sasuke, and the Kage, before helping his son to destroy Momoshiki.

    Naruto and Boruto reconcile. There is also a spin-off where Naruto and his allies go to defeat a new Akatsuki organization.

    He typically appears as the lead character on a mission with comrades from Konohagakure. In The Last: Naruto the Movie , which takes place after the events of the series, Naruto faces Toneri Otsutsuki; at the movie's climax, Naruto and Hinata enter a relationship that eventually leads to their marriage.

    In several titles, it is possible to access a special version of him enhanced with the power from the Nine-Tailed Fox. In several games from the Ultimate Ninja series he is playable with his own versions of Rock Lee and Might Guy 's techniques while wearing their costumes.

    Shortly afterwards, CyberConnect2 started developing the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja games although Sadamoto recalls he was unaware this fact. The theme park will be 7, square meters in size and will be based on the Naruto manga. Many rappers, both underground and mainstream have sprinkled Naruto references throughout their songs.

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