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Where can I download the book "The Motivation Hacker" by Nick Winter for free? 3 Answers How can I download a free PDF of any book? , Views. PDF - The Motivation Hacker. “Moderation in all things,” they say. That may keep a society together, but it's not the protagonist's job. The Motivation Hacker. Read The Motivation Hacker by Nick Winter for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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The Motivation Hacker Pdf

The Motivation Hacker - Kindle edition by Nick Winter. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks . I wrote this book in three months while simultaneously attempting seventeen other missions, including running a startup, launching a hit iPhone. The Motivation Hacker book. Read 90 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. “Moderation in all things,” they say. That may keep a society.

I wrote this book in three months while simultaneously attempting seventeen other missions, including running a startup, launching a hit iPhone app, learning to write 3, new Chinese words, training to attempt a four-hour marathon from scratch, learning to skateboard, helping build a successful cognitive testing website, being best man at two weddings, increasing my bench press by sixty pounds, reading twenty books, going skydiving, helping to start the Human Hacker House, learning to throw knives, dropping my 5K time by five minutes, and learning to lucid dream. I planned to do all this while sleeping eight hours a night, sending 1, emails, hanging out with a hundred people, going on ten dates, downloading groceries, cooking, cleaning, and trying to raise my average happiness from 6. The idea for this book came blurting into my brain on a flight from Pittsburgh to Silicon Valley. My ninety-nine belongings were in the mail, my backpack was bloated with few clothes and many dreams, and I had just finished rereading You Shall Know Our Velocity by Dave Eggers, a frenzied novel in which the broken-but-satisfied hero drowns on the cover the book starts right on the cover , flashes back three months, and drags his best friend to Senegal, Morocco, and Estonia in one week to give away all of his money and chase adventure. I gave the cherished book to the woman sitting next to me, who had heard of it and heard me laughing at the part where Will tries to leap from a car to a donkey cart in Marrakech. What had I done in the last three months? Wrote code for hours. Got better at handstands and pull-ups. Packed my moving box. My adventure count was zero. I felt a moment of panic, as if I had let my protagonist license expire and now I would have to retake the test. What could I do to change all of my habits at once, to go from single-minded startup man to lifestyle design hero?

Some of them may be mid-sentence or incomplete. The Motivation Hacker by Nick Winter. Willpower seems to be needed in one scenario: Instead, you must design a sufficiently powerful motivational structure in advance.

For some reason, this part is hard. Here I was, an internet addict, being praised because I was functioning. Why had this taken me so long to do?

Maybe the answer is just that addiction is hard to admit. I talk more about this in Chapter Watch out for things that you have always been good at. This can lead to greatness, but it can also be a trap. The daily process of achieving the goal is the same, but it takes longer and gives him more Value.

A sure way to kill motivation is to water down the challenge. To hit a 7 on my scale, I have to visibly look happy: The goals you choose should do the same: Of everything I did, using Beeminder to precommit, to build my success spiral, and to visualize my progresss was the most helpful.

This gives you a percentile score at any point throughout the day, which you can always meaningfully increase by working more.

At the thought of coding all-out for four months, my eyes narrowed, my jaw jutted, and I smiled a maniac smile. I might have to spend more than ten minutes a day.

I did not think, I might not be able to do this. This is a good strategy for learning many things: Get excited about a skill.

Learn how to practice it from reading or from a teacher. Start doing it right away.

The Motivation Hacker

Expectancy Recall that Expectancy is your confidence of success. Set yourself a series of achievable goals and then achieve all of them until you expect only success and failure is no longer familiar. Surround yourself with motivated people and avoid unmotivated people to have their motivation rub off on you. If you skip the contrasting step, it may be worse than nothing. We all fall prey to the planning fallacy.

Tasks which are too easy or too hard are not engaging, so find ways to make tasks challenging but possible. I think of this in terms of being a task samurai and doing dwarf dishes. Make a game of it. Compete against yourself, or against others. These goals should excite you the Challenging and Approach bits. The Specific and Immediate bits help with Impulsiveness, making sure you know what you need to do at any time.

I find that input goals study ten minutes daily tend to work better than output goals learn ten words daily. Sleep well, eat well, get fit, guard your circadian rhythms, and avoid burnout.

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Cure energy lows with quality breaks, movement, sunshine, and good music. Match intensive tasks with periods of high energy. When you succeed, celebrate it, either by congratulating yourself or giving yourself a treat. Treats can backfire if overused, though.

The Motivation Hacker | Nick Winter

I prefer victory dances, fist pumps, and grinning like an idiot. Trade tasks according to comparative motivational advantage so that each person is doing the tasks which motivates her more. Impulsiveness Impulsiveness is your susceptibility to delay for a given task: Limiting Impulsiveness often means getting rid of the options to do other things. Choose now to limit your later options, preventing yourself from making the wrong choice in the face of temptation.

A specific form of precommitment where you disable, remove, or destroy a distraction or temptation. Make external reminders of your goals visible, and actually look at them. Avoid failing at your goals just because you forgot about them. Place limits on the time allowed to perform a given task, the shorter, the better.

Requirements: Increase lucid dreaming and achieve three fantastic dream missions. Requirements: Go on 10 romantic dates with Chloe. Requirements: Have significant conversations with different people. Requirements: Hit average experiential happiness of 7. I came up with eighteen goals. Some I picked for terror, like the marathon and skydiving. The rest I had to do, like giving the two best man speeches and running the startup. I wanted to make sure I did them well.

For each goal, I decided on success criteria and motivation hacks to fire me up. I estimated how long each mission would take, built a schedule that could just barely fit if I wasted no time, and grinned at myself in challenge. Techniques A chef wields dozens of tools, from spatulas to potato scrubbing gloves. Like a chef, a motivation hacker has a core set of tools. No single technique can solve every problem. This book will recommend several approaches to increasing motivation.

Use more than one at a time. I would consume one of these books, maybe create a To-Do to reorganize my To-Dos, and go back to exactly what I was doing while feeling great about how great I would be someday.

Looking back, I guess I did go on to take the advice in these books—some of it, eventually.

Some of these motivation techniques seem like common sense, but they are rarely applied. My perspective may be different enough that I forget things. You may still need shoes to walk your own path. Motivation Hacking Motivation is fuel for life.

This is what we want; this is why we hack motivation. Hack like this: first pick your goals, then figure out which motivation hacks to use on the subtasks that lead to those goals—and then use far more of them than you need, so that you not only succeed, but that you do so with excitement, with joy, with extra verve and a hunger for the next goal. But I used to have no ambitions, and as I slowly fixed myself, they appeared.

Maybe there are no people without big dreams, just people with their eyes shut. Some ask me about how I do what I do, and when I tell them, their eyes open wide. That gives me hope for them and for this book.

There will be funny stories to keep us both entertained and inspired.

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Motivation hacking is the process of figuring out what you want to be more excited about, then coming up with strategies for manipulating the terms in this equation. Motivation is what you always want more of: fire, energy, excitement! Expectancy is your confidence of success.

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