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For Mikan, there was no better friend than Hotaru (though Hotaru sometimes seems to have other sentiments), and the two often played together. But Hotaru is a very special child, and she agrees to go to a school in Tokyo which the government reserved only for geniuses. Gakuen Alice Manga - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. alice academy. FREE DOWNLOAD ANIME & MANGA This blog is a sites for download Anime and manga .. 09/22/ [MU] MANGA Gakuen Alice [Megaupload].

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Gakuen Alice Manga Pdf

Read Read Gakuen Alice manga | Download Gakuen Alice comics manga online . Free! No download or registration required. To ask other readers questions about Gakuen Alice, Vol. 02, please sign up. . This manga really reminds me of n YA paranormal academy series. There are so . Free Download Books Gakuen Alice Manga Guide Ebooks Download PDF Gakuen. Alice Manga Guide Ebooks Any Format, because we can easily.

An accidental encounter with teacher Narumi causes her to be enrolled into the school along with Hotaru, much to her pleasure. Mikan's first Alice Nullification is unstable at first, and coupled with her clumsiness caused many of her classmates to discriminate and dislike her at first. Over time, Mikan builds up good relations with her classmates, and learns how to better control her unique and rare Alice. She and Natsume also begin developing feelings for each other as she uncovers his hidden past. Mikan's friends, especially Hotaru, soon start noticing how the adults and staff at school are taking special note of Mikan, around the same time when Mikan's second and third Alices are awoken: the Stealing Alice, which steals others' Alices and converts them into Alice stones; the Insertion Alice, which enables Alice stones to be inserted into other people, granting them additional abilities. With the discovery of her two rare and unique Alices, Mikan is transferred from the Special Ability Class, where students with rare and uncommon Alices reside, to the Dangerous Ability class, where Alice holders deemed as dangerous reside. Like all the others in the Dangerous Ability class, she is forced under the Elementary School Principal's control as he tries to make use of her Alice of stealing, but Natsume and her friends come to her defense and help her escape. In running away, her uncle tells her the truth about her parents being Yuka and Izumi Yukihira, who are a woman in an Anti-Alice Academy organisation called "Z" and the High School Principal's brother respectively. When Izumi passed away Yuka left Mikan with her adoptive grandfather in a bid to protect her daughter from the academy. Although Mikan is encouraged to run away with her mother, she refuses because she distrusts her mother for harming her friends previously, changing her mind later on after visiting her mother's past though. Unfortunately, Yuka is killed by a bomb sent by the Elementary School Principal, and Mikan gives up her freedom to protect the students of Alice Academy.

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Where can I download Gakuen Alice manga for free? Gakuen alice manga online for free? More questions. Where can i download Gakuen Alice manga and anime for free?

Answer Questions What is the first fanmade anime made? What are your opinions on traps in anime? In Ant-Man and the Wasp, Ant-man fainted when he grew. Why is that? Who is the best Batman so far? Top Priority edit Gakuen Alice Natsume's Confession edit Gakuen Alice Exposed and Captured edit Gakuen Alice Hotaru's Secret.

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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews.

Showing Rating details. Sort order. Apr 15, Viszed rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.


To view it, click here. Apr 26, Crisanda Sapphire rated it it was amazing Shelves: Favourite characters: Narumi-sensei, Luka-pyon, Yuu. Mar 07, Tess rated it liked it. Cute, but not really what I was looking for. I think if they were older - in high school - I would like it more.

The fact that I was looking for a romance and they're all 10 years old just doesn't make me interested in the series. I gave this volume a four instead of a five, because the intensity and plot declines in this book.

Gakuen alice manga pdf

This volume is more of a transition between the first story arc, and some of the plot are a little filler-ish. I still really enjoyed this volume and the series on a whole, just this volume is a little more set up after the initial bang.

Going back and reading this series, I realize that the detailing of the world and the plot is a little self-indulgent and immature, but I feel like this writer doe I gave this volume a four instead of a five, because the intensity and plot declines in this book. Going back and reading this series, I realize that the detailing of the world and the plot is a little self-indulgent and immature, but I feel like this writer does it well.

Somehow Higuchi-sensei makes this world and all her details work, they don't feel false or stupid or wrong. I don't know how else to explain it but that. Let me try an example.

There are a lot of technicalities about this world, how powers work and the limitations, that could come off as the author jumping through hoops to create certain situations, but it works here. Does that make sense?

I don't know. Basically this author is a good writer, and her self indulgent moments that could feel false instead are endearing and enrich the world. Mar 14, Evee rated it really liked it. Honestly, I feel so sad that Mikan's grandpa waits for her every day yet she can't go up to him and talk to him. I know they're special but still Mikan gives up on it really quickly though I'm serious, if he keeps coming daily to see if she's ok he will die.

Dude if her grandpa dies I would legit sue the school. Apr 20, Inah Solacito rated it really liked it.

Best Romance Manga

While you think this is your another cheerful girl in a school with bad classmates story, you start to somehow sense that something dangerous and big awaits. It scares me too. Sep 07, Senuri Sucharitharathna rated it it was amazing. I Love it. Cerita makin menarik! Aug 26, Ashley Chen rated it really liked it Shelves: Overall, I think this is a great manga series. windows xp sp3

After reading the first two volumes I can see a lot of potential for this. This manga really reminds me of n YA paranormal academy series. There are so many blank spots on the canvas right now that I can't wait to see the finished product. I shall now ramble some random thoughts that popped into my mind while reading this volume. Mikan has the personality of Naruto. Her never-give-up attitude is adorable. She can be funny, silly, and just damn sweet. When she cries, you can't help but awww a little.

Haha, I am not surprise that the panties incident got mentioned again.

Sarah, if you want to know what this incident is about, read Gakuen Alice ;P I think my favourite character so far is Luca. I don't know there is just something sweet about him that makes him adorable.

Shreya darling, is the love triangle between Luca, Mikan, and Natsume? Please tell me it is not that cliche. It is cool to learn about the ranking system and the classes for different Alices.

It is nice to see how the school works but of course more mystery is thrown in as well. I love the mystery behind the school I can totally see Tachibana Higuchi grinning as I suffer with the suspense and Natsume.

Jinno sensei is strict! I don't to have him for a teacher. I can die from anticipation Helllooo Tsubasa Andou.

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